Voorgerechten Hoofdgerechten Nagerechten Lunch Feest, bruiloft English diner & lunch Deutsche Speisekarte & Lunch

English diner & lunch


Carpaccio served over salad with a tomato basil dressing, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese € 10,75

Cocktail A delicious salad of chickenbreast and fresh pineapple topped sweet liquor sauce € 7,95

Blushing tomatoes (v) From the oven, lovely stuffed with onions and pestosauce and cheese € 6,75

Stuffed mushrooms With ham, onions and herbs, browned with cheese in the oven to perfection € 7,50

Or with herb creamcheese and Parmesan cheese and sundried tomatoes (v) € 7,50

Chickensoup Real homemade chicken noodle soup from chickens with at least a thousand flight hours € 5,95

Creamy mustardsoup With real Dutch mustard € 5,95

Onion soup Certainly worth a try € 5,75

Crispy bread (v) With three spreads € 5,50


Rich Salad served with french cheese, cashewnuts, walnuts, dates, cucumber, tomato, red onion and a fresh herb oil dressing starter € 8,50 main € 15,50

Salad with smoked chicken together with sweet curry sauce and fresh pineapple, tomato, red onion, cucumber and pine tree seeds starter € 8,95 main € 15,95

Gamba salad baked in garlic, served with tagliatelle, fresh salad, sesame seeds and a sweet nutty dressing starter € 10,50 main € 18,25 


We bake our chicken nicely golden brown in a roasting pan, with real butter. By doing so it becomes crispy from the outside and stays tender and smooth. Absolutely our specialty! 

As it is Golden brown baked

     ½ €16,75 ¼ €14,25

Karin With creamy sauce of peppers, mushrooms, salt meat, red wine and pepper-corn ½ € 17,95 ¼ €15,50

Esther Served with mushrooms, leeks and a special mix of herbs and spices        

     ½ €18,75 ¼ €16,25

Oscar In a creamy madeira sauce with chunks of ham and mushrooms                  

      ½ €17,95 ¼ €15,50

Barbara Served in a delightful apple-cognac sauce with peppercorn ½ €17,95 ¼ €15,50 

Sea captain with chicken 

With on the side marrowfat capuchin peas garnished with crisply cooked and crumbled bacon, raw unions, pickles and corn-relish ½ €18,75 ¼ € 16,25

Hotchpotch with chicken 

Mashed potatoes mixed with either endive or sourcrout and crumbled bacon. A real dutch dish! ½ € 17,75 ¼ € 15,25

Meat or fish

Thinly sliced beef 

well done in the oven, served with gravy 220 gr €18,50 180 gr €16,50

Sea captain with beef 

Well done in the oven, served with on the side marrowfat capuchin peas garnished with crisply crumbled bacon, raw onions, pickles and corn-relish

 220 gr €19,50 180 gr €18,50

Hotchpotch with beef,

Mashed potatoes mixed with either endive or sourcrout and crumbled bacon. 220 gr €18,75 180 gr €16,75 

Pork filet with Chicken,

in a nice creamy sauce with mushrooms and vegetables €17,95    

Chicken livers

Fried and served with a creamy sauce of bell-pepper, mushrooms, pickled meat, red peppercorn starter €8,25 main course €15,95


Served with tagliatelle, with mushrooms, red onion and Parmesan cheese and onion chutney €19,25

Chicken Satay

served with fries, prawn crackers and fried onions €17,75


with tomato, cucumber, onion, cheddar cheese, mayonaise and sweet curry, served with french fries €19,25

Vegetarian dishes

Mushrooms in beer batter

Served with a fresh salad and aioli €15,95

Vegetarian Hamburger

Nice bevond méat burger on a bun with fried egg, salat, tomato, union and french fries €16,75

Variable one

Please ask us €15,95

Children specialties

Chickennuggets, ¼ chicken or mini croquettes, with french fries, applesauce and mayonaise € 8,25

Gold ant Always nice, a pancake with sucker and sirop € 6,25

Hotchpotti Mashed potatoes mixed with endive and bacon and sausage € 7,50



The mountain of Milligen

Meringue cookies, vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and whipped cream €7,95

Small kiss Vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce and whipped cream €6,25

Egg yellow and brandy with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream €7,25

Tower of schaffelaar Vanilla ice, fresh fruit, strawberry sauce & whipped cream €7,50

Rice pudding

served with warm cherry’s, vanilla ice and whipped cream. An old Dutch treat! €7,95

Homemade almond-cookie pudding

with vanilla and strawberry sauce topped with whipped cream €7,50

Full creamy yoghurt with forest fruit €6,75

Kind for kids Love! Upside down! € 4,25



Chickensoup, homemade with chicken & noodles € 6

Creamy mustardsoup € 6

Onionsoup, with bread and grilled cheese on top € 6

Bread, thick slices

Healthy with cheese, ham, tomatoes, cucumber and slices egg € 8.5

Wrap halloumi, with guacamole, tomatoes, salat, chilisaus and red onion € 11

Topped with French cheese, honey and walnut € 9

Topped with homemade tuna-salad, cucumber, red onion and capers € 9.5

Club Sandwich smoked chicken, fried erg and bacon € 11

Carpaccio sandwich € 11.5

Croque madam, in full uniform always sunny side up € 8.5

Big one with warm meat, mushrooms, onion, fried egg and sate sauce € 12

Two Croquettes (also vegetarian option) € 8.5


Tuna, red union and capers € 8

Ham and/or cheese € 7.5

Cheese special and nice tomatotapenade € 8


Nice salad with French cheese, cashew nuts, walnuts, tomato, cucumber, red onion and dates € 16.5

Salad with smoked chicken fillet, tomato, cucumber, red onion, pine tree nuts and curry sauce € 16.5

Salad with Gamba, baked in aioli, served with tagliatelle, sesame seeds, salad and a nice dressing € 19


A quarter baked chicken, served with baked mushrooms and leek, fries and homemade applesauce € 15.5

Big forrest lunch, 3 eggs with ham, baked potatoes, bacon and onion € 12

Hamburger served with cheddar and french fries € 16.5

Chicken satay, served with fries, prawn crackers and baked onions € 16.5

Baked chicken livers, with a creamy paprika sauce, served with fries € 14.5

Tiny tummies

Pancake for kids with sugar & sirup € 6.5

Toast for kids with ham, cheese and ketchup € 4.5

“Gezellige” Bites

Real dutch mini croquettes € 7.5

Mini snacks € 7.5

Cheese sticks € 8.5

Veggie Bites € 9

Crispy bread with several spreads € 5.5


Applepie € 4.3

Monchou-pie  € 4.9

Choux pastry with whipped cream & caramel, strawberry or chocolate sauce € 4.4